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Skateboard Heat Transfer Machine & Skateboard Heat Transfers

Hi Skateboard Team,

Do you remember the skateboard boom 20 years ago after Tony Hawk's Pro Skater hit the market? It looks like we are at the beginning of a second boom!


In January I sent an email stating that we are experiencing strong growth. However, with the outbreak of Covid19 demand went back to normal. But since April growth strongly exceeded the previous months and it does not seem to be stopping any time soon!

Our main production line has now reached a waiting time of almost one year. To combat waiting times, we added a second production line in January which is now at 4.5 months. We are there for adding a third production line which should be ready at the end of this month!

We make sure that 2HEX users can accept and fulfil all their customers' orders - no matter if the market is exploding or not!

While most skateboard companies had to decline shop-orders over the last months, 2HEX' customers have been able to grab a growing share of the market.


How do we make sure our customers are ready for this second boom of the skateboard market?'s automation software makes sure that we can take every order during this peak-time. 2HEX users do not have to wait for our product specialists to get back to them by email or phone and instead orders placed on are automatically sent into the production lines with the shortest waiting periods.

How do 2HEX customers prepare themselves for the coming two years?

They get a heat transfer machine and blank decks, so that they can react quickly to incoming orders.


Having a heat transfer press and blank decks on stock lets you react super-fast: To launch your new series, you can order the heat transfers on