Custom Productions Management Platform

Industry 4.0.

2HEX connects you with the skateboard production over the internet. 2HEX lets you create your custom products online, automatically forwards your order to the production line, and arranges the delivery right to your doorstep. 2HEX lets you manage your productions from your phone - anywhere and at any time.

Lower prices and better quality than any factory.

By merging a large number of productions into one, 2HEX reaches large quantities. These quantities are forwarded directly to the production line without first being planned with a sales manager. By replacing the factory sales managers and by merging your order with a large number of other productions, 2HEX achieves cheaper production-prices than the factories themselves. This enables 2HEX to offer the highest quality below the price of factories' direct sales.

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Our Story

It all started in the south of Germany, where a skateboarder graduated from high school and founded a skateboard company.

Being a competitive skateboarder himself, he convinced some of Germany's best skateboarders to join his team and several shops to carry his new brand. Not being distracted by the first semesters of university, the skateboarder's company's small manufacturer was soon outgrown and his production machinery was purchased.

To make full use of the new production capacities, 'Precision' was founded and blank decks were ordered in bulk from USA and China to receive their custom print in the skateboarder's basement.

During his 5th semester, the semester of practical training, the skateboarder was trained as sourcing manager at a Chinese skateboard distribution. Sourcing managers specialize in finding the best factory for any production, so the skateboarder started visiting and comparing factories of all skateboard components.
Now working with the best factories and being distributed in Europe and Asia, the skateboarder's brand offered some of the highest quality and best priced skateboard products in the industry.

To make best use of the growing sales in China as well as to strengthen the contact to Chinese factories, the skateboarder returned to China and studied Mandarin. While juggling his skateboard company, the skateboard production, the bachelor of business administration in Germany and mandarin studies in China, the founder received an invitation with scholarship to HKUST & Cornell MBA - A Master program that only accepted the 100 best young managers across Asia; Preferably in the field of connecting Asia with the West.

The skateboarder asked the Chinese distribution to continue his skateboard company and went back to business school. This time with his full focus, time and the goal to come back stronger than ever.

At these two world class universities, the skateboarder regularly visited the schools of engineering where he co-wrote a whitepaper on industrial automation which received a 135.000 Euro grant from the German ministry of commerce, the European Union and the University of Ulm. The skateboarder used the grant, to conduct research on new industrial processes. Some of which would later be used for

In 2019 it all came together: Skateboard Manufacturing, Factory Sourcing and Industrial Automation. By combining all three skills, 2HEX was born. Ready to offer the best productions to every skateboarder, founder and manager.

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Funded by the German Ministry of Economics, the European Union and the University of Ulm School of Computer Science.