Sample Set

Small Set

Small Set

1 Deck 8.375" Canadian Maple 1 Deck 8.5" Canadian Maple 2 Sheets of Griptape 1 Set of Pro Wheels 1 set of Chrome Bearings

Small Set

Full Set

1 deck 8.375" Canadian Maple 1 deck 8.5" Canadian Maple 1 deck 8" European Maple 3 Sheets of Griptape 1 set of Pro Trucks 1 Set of Pro Wheels 1 Set of Beginner Wheels 1 Set of Ceramic Bearings 1 Set of Chrome Bearings 1 Set of Nuts and Bolts 1 T-Tool
Small Set

Company Set

2 decks 8.375" Canadian Maple 2 decks 8.5" Canadian Maple 2 decks 8" European Maple 6 Sheets of Griptape 2 Sets of Pro Trucks 3 Set of Pro Wheels 1 Set of Beginner Wheels 2 set of Ceramic Bearings 4 set of Chrome Bearings 6 Set of Nuts and Bolts 2 T-Tools

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Frequently Asked Questions

Samples Pricing

International airfreight of samples from China is expensive.
The above price includes financial support and does not cover our costs.

To further support customers who are sincere about running a production with 2HEX,
we credit 50 USD towards your first production order at 2HEX.

Custom Print

Custom printed skateboard samples are available after having placed a full production order. Once we have received your down-payment, we will produce the print films needed for your skateboard production. With these we can then produce your skateboard samples. After receiving your samples-confirmation we will move forward to running your bulk production.

Due to the high upfront costs of screen printing, we do not offer custom printed samples to companies that have not placed a production order with 2HEX.


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