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Corona Virus - not with us!

The Corona Virus gave 2020 a rough start.


With the 2020 Skateboard Olympics around the corner, demand spiked in the end of 2019. The world’s biggest skateboard factories couldn’t complete all productions and orders were moved into 2020.


2020 started with one month of Chinese New Year holidays. Big skateboard companies moved their productions into American and European factories. Global deck production lead times grew to 4 or 5 months.


Then China was hit by the Corona Virus. Global deck production lead times jumped to 6 months. Major skateboard deck factories around the world stopped accepting new clients. Existing clients were quoted deck production lead times of 6 months. Skateboard factories are now in a never before seen emergency-situation.


By merging many small and medium sized companies’ production orders, 2HEX has become a powerhouse in the skateboard industry which allows it to place its users’ orders in front of factories production waiting lists. Still our production lead time surpassed the two months mark. We had to act - and so we did!


With one of our major production partners in an area not affected by the Corona Virus, we set up a new skateboard decks production line. Extremely stiff Epoxy and very thin US hard rock maple veneers make this a globally leading deck production. With this masterpiece we are back at our usual production lead time of 5 to 6 weeks!


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2020 will be a sensational year for skateboard businesses.