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Skateboard Industry News • March 2021

Posted by : Niklas V / On : 12.03.2021

Covid19 is strongly impacting the global skateboard market.

This article gives you a short insight on what has happened and how we suggest skateboard companies should react.

If you prefer watching these skateboard industry news as video, you can do so here (https://youtu.be/80Kc4n1G-q4)



The Skateboard Market: Prices Rise.

Skateboard Trucks: Raw aluminum increased by 35% over the last 8 months.

Skateboard Wheels: High quality MDI polyurethane shortage decreases wheel production capacities. 

Overall Prices: The USD dropped 14% in value (compared to the RMB), pushing companies to add these 14% back on the skateboard price.

The cost increase, material shortage and an uncertain USD have lead to increased production prices in the skateboard industry.




Skateboard Market Forecast:

We suggest: Stock up on skateboard components now!

Due to increased skateboard production prices, skateboard companies hold back on their orders, waiting for prices to drop again. Meanwhile, skateboard manufacturing companies lack raw materials putting them in a situation where they must ask their sales managers to not accept any further skateboard orders.


We therefor forecast a global skateboard components shortage starting from June 2021. Skate shops will not be able to refill their shelfs, skateboard distributors will not be able to get new stock within the same summer.