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Posted by : Niklas V / On : 15.11.2021

2HEX The Skateboard Printer Factory

The skateboard industry has been waiting a long time for this moment, and finally we can make it happen: We bring the 2HEX22A1 digital all-skateboard-components printer to the market!





The Skateboard Printer

2HEX22A1: This one single skateboard printer is an all in one solution. It can print on all skateboard and longboard components including the decks, wheels, truck, griptape, bearings and even the nuts and bolts. 


2HEX Digital Skateboard Printer


Apart from skateboard components the 2HEX22A1 can also print designs on heat transfers. The white back layer must be added manually on the heat transfer after it has been printed. We provide you the white ink, the carrier and instructions on how to add it.


Printing heat transfers is important:

The 2HEX22A1 does not print on the tips of high kicks (nose and tail with lots of pop), such as used on popsicle decks. The print stops 5cm before the tip of the nose and tail. If you want a full print on popsicle decks, you therefor need to print heat transfer and then transfer it onto the blank deck. Flat decks such as most longboards can be printed on from tip to tip. 



Image Quality 

The 2HEX22A1 skateboard printer offers stunning colors and clarity, vastly surpassing traditionally screen printed heat transfers! Heat transfers made by the 2HEX22A1 digital skateboard printer have a resolution at least twice as high. Photo prints are much more realistic when printed by the 2HEX22A1 skateboard printer