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The most profitable skateboard components.

The fastest way to turn your skateboard company into a full time job, is buy saving or borrowing 15.000USD and ordering 6000 sets of bearings! 


Here are the reasons:


1. Everybody does decks and wheels, making these products more competitive and leading to lower prices. From a 15.000USD order you can maybe make a 3000USD profit when buying and selling decks.


2. If your order is below 15.000USD, the production price and freight price are so high, that you do not make enough profit to turn your skateboard company into a full time job. This can make you loose against your competitors running their skateboard business full time.


3. If you order for less than 15.000USD, but still sell professionally, your stock will be empty before your second production arrives. If skate shops cannot rely on you having stock at all times, they will prefer another supplier.


At an order volume of 15.000USD, one set of bearings costs you about 3 USD landed, all inclusive. This set of bearings can be sold to shops for 9 USD! So you can turn your 15.000USD into 45.000USD within one production run.


Even though bearings have less competition, it still takes tons of determination and hard work to turn your skateboard bearing business into a full time job. 


I suggest you download the 2HEX Company Guide from and read the article on how skateboard founders waste time and money sponsoring and filming instead of focusing on sales.


Skateboards and components. From most profitable, to least profitable:

1. Bearings

2. Trucks 

3. Complete skateboards and cruisers

4. Griptape

5. Wheels

6. Decks