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For a skateboarder starting his own skateboard company, there is no better feeling in the world as the moment when a large truck enters your street to deliver your 2HEX skateboard production right to your door!



After a good two hours of carrying heavy cartons from the sidewalk into the skateboard warehouse (or ones parents basement) comes the most exciting moment for any founder: unpacking! Unpacking a new skateboard production gives real founders goosebumps ! It's the moment founders have waited for over months!

 Months of hard work. The planning, days and nights of designing, sending out catalogs, calling shops, collecting pre orders, placing the order on everything has led to this one moment.



When a founder holds his skateboard decks from 2HEX skateboard factory, then it all comes together. It is the moment when he feels it was worth all the hard work. The perfect 7 veneers, the smoothly rounded edges, the smell of fresh maple, epoxy and varnish. And best, his brand's new designs which perfectly match the veneer colors. Printed with strong colors in exactly the way the artwork was submitted. Holding the deck in one’s own hands, it looks much better than in the catalog or on the computer. All senses join a perfect experience: One's own brand's design, the smooth concave, the smell of a new deck and the high pitched 'tick' sound when hitting the tail on the floor.



Waiting to show the new deck series to team riders and skate shops can become unbearable. Your true team riders know that and come immediately after receiving your call. Together you pack decks in your car’s trunk and deliver them personally to your local skate shop or to the skatepark.


This is how I experienced the arrival of my brand's decks many years ago.

These are moments one never forgets.

Niklas (on the right side of the photo)