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Where does 2HEX buy its skateboard maple?


American Hardrock Maple Veneer Logs

Our professional skateboard decks are made of American Hardrock Maple Veneer Logs. Veneer logs are the most perfect logs. This means, that they are straight, thick and with few branches or knots.  The best maple for professional skateboard decks grows in the Great Lakes region which is located at the border of Canada and USA.


Logging Company

We work with American Hardrock Maple, from Canada. Our skateboard maple is sustainably cultivated in Ontario.

skateboard maple veneer logging company

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Wood Hardness

Based on the great difference in temperature around the Great Lakes region, this maple experiences freezing winters and hot summers. The great variance in temperature, makes this the hardest, most durable and therefor best skateboard maple on earth.



Hand-Picked maple Trees

The logs used for our decks are hand-picked. We walk through the forest and select the straightest and thickest stems that have a low amount of branches, knots and resin. Once the best trees are selected, the branches are stripped off and the log is being shipped to our factory and new trees are being planted. 


Measuring Humidity

After arriving, the humidity and composition is measured to ensure the perfect quality of the wood. Only if the wood is in perfect condition, we bath and cut it into veneers. 

skateboard maple veneer supplier


Quality Levels

Our skateboard veneers are divided into 3 quality levels. B, A and A+ and into face, cross-band and standard. 

skateboard maple veneer supplier


Face and Cross Band Veneers

Face veneers are the visible layers, making the top and bottom of a skateboard deck. Both, face- and standard veneers are cut at a width of 1.4mm with the wood pattern going lengthwise to prevent the skateboard decks from breaking in the middle, at the nose, or tail. Layers 3 and 5 of a skateboard deck are the cross band veneers. Cross band veneers have a thickness of 1.2mm. Skateboard decks only need two thin cross band veneers, because the pressure along the long axis of a deck is minimal during impact. 


dyed maple skateboard deck veneers


B Level Veneers

We categorize the outer 1/3 or a log as B level. B level veneers show knots and other imperfections and are less durable than the inner parts of a log. These veneers are used for complete skateboards.


A Level Veneers

A level veneers make up the middle third of a log. The veneers are of high durability but still show signs of imperfections, created by branches or knots in the wood. A veneers are used for the 2nd, 4th and 6th layer of our professional skateboard decks as well as for the cross band veneers.


A+  Level Veneers

The inner one third is graded A+ quality veneers. A+ veneers are the most durable maple veneers. We use these veneers for the top and bottom layers of our professional skateboard decks. 

A quality face veneer skateboard maple supplier

The last most inner part of the logs cannot be rotary sliced into veneers and is therefore not used for skateboard decks. This makes the quantity of A+ veneers per log relatively small. 


Rotary Slicing

During the process of rotary slicing maple logs into skateboard deck veneers, each imperfection in the wood is cut away to ensure all decks come without breakage points. This rigorous cutting process leads to a loss of 20% of the total wood. Another 30% is lost to veneers with cuts or breaks. Logs are imperfect, but we ensure to only use perfect veneers for our professional skateboard decks. 

hardrock maple skateboard deck supplier


1200 Decks Per Log

In general only one third of each Hardrock Maple log can be used for the production of professional skateboard decks. Taking this loss into account, one log offers enough wood for around 600 pro level skateboard decks and 600 complete skateboard decks. 



To see the price difference between European maple decks and American maple decks, sign up to 2HEX.com Skateboard Factory! If you haven’t signed up to 2HEX configurator yet. Do so now! (link)

Remember:  You can add multiple batches each in a different size or style. The more deck batches you add, the cheaper it gets!