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White and red canvas skate shoes made by 2HEX, the skate shoes manufacturer.



2HEX Extreme Sport Shoes Manufacturer – Introduction

2HEX Extreme Sport Shoes Factory Introduction

2HEX X Sport Shoes Manufacturer

2HEX Extreme Sport Shoe Factory’s Product Range includes Skate Shoes, Free Running Shoes, BMX Shoes, Gym Shoes, Street Football Shoes, Free Climbing Shoes and many other shoes that must be reliable during rough conditions.
Support your athletes with shoes made at 2HEX!
2HEX shoes make your athletes win!

The key to making shoes for extreme-sport athletes is to make shoes that are light, durable, protective, have grip, while still offering the athlete optimal control and feel.

X-Sport Shoes are in a delicate balance between being light and offering control and feeling VS being durable and protective. It is this balance, that sets us apart from other shoe manufacturers.

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2HEX Extreme Sport Shoes Manufacturer - The Production

2HEX X Sport Shoes Factory’s Production Process

X Sport Shoes Minimum Order Quantity

No matter if free running shoe, skate shoes for rough sessions, bmx shoes, or other extreme sports shoes - custom sport shoe productions start at 1000 pairs of shoes per color way or style.

The minimum per size is 400 pairs of shoes. These 400 shoes must be of the same style, color and size. Therefore, if you only want to start your extreme sport shoe company with two shoe sizes, you can get started with 1000 pairs. However, if you want 3 shoe sizes, your total order quantity must be at least 1200 pairs of extreme sport shoes.

The minimum per shoe style and material is 1000 pairs. If you want to produce two different color ways, the production minimum is 2000 pairs of extreme sport shoes.
Most importantly, no style-color-size combination can be less than 1000 pairs.

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Sport Shoes Mass Production Pricing

Extreme Sport Shoe Productions start at one thousand pairs of shoes. Depending on the sport for which the shoes are meant for, prices roughly range from 9 USD to 40 USD per pair. Additionally, we manufacture custom colored and printed shoe cartons, shoe inlays to keep your shoes’ shapes, as well as tags, labels and hangers which will be quoted together with your custom shoes.

Generally, the smallest production runs of the simplest shoes require a starting budget of 15,000 USD. However, most shoe productions with standard shoe designs start from 25,000 USD
A specialized skateboard shoe with robust suede leather and vulcanized outsoles for example, will cost around 20 USD if you order the minimum order quantity. However, if you order 50,000 pairs the price per pair will go down to roughly 12 USD to 14 USD, depending on your shoe design and materials.
Specialized running shoes are generally cheaper than skateboarding- or BMX shoes. With a textile outer fabric and EVA outsoles running shoes can vary widely from 9 USD to 18 USD per pair. However, more complex shoe designs can go higher.

These are just estimates and prices change every year. To get your own quotation for a custom shoes production, send us the design of your shoe or a photo of a similar reference shoe.

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Sport Shoes Design Process

As extreme sport shoes manufacturer, we work closely with our customers to answer the key questions that are required to make the perfect extreme sport shoes.

  • Start by researching the needs of the extreme sport athletes wearing your sport shoes and the types of activities they engage in.
  • Consider the specific demands of the extreme sport, such as the impact on the feet and the need for flexibility and grip.
  • Identify key features that will improve performance under extreme conditions, such as reinforced soles and supportive ankle structures.
  • Create sketches and 3D models of potential sport shoe designs, incorporating feedback from athletes and experts in the field.
  • Create sketches and 3D models of potential sport shoe designs, incorporating feedback from athletes and experts in the field.
  • Analyse the results of your first sport shoe production and adjust the design as necessary.
  • Consider the aesthetics of the shoe and how it will appeal to your targeted extreme sports market.
  • Create a production plan that considers the complexity of the design and the materials needed.
  • Collaborate with retailers and distributors to ensure that the shoes are produced at a feasible price and at the correct times.
  • Continually gather feedback from athletes and customers to identify areas for improvement and potential new features.
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in extreme sports to ensure that your extreme sport shoe remains relevant and competitive.

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Custom Sport Shoes Order Process

  1. Contact 2HEX Extreme Sport Shoes Manufacturer Sales Team by pressing "Contact Us" on top of this page to initiate the order process and provide details such as the type of shoe, desired quantity, and any customization requirements.
  2. With the guidance of 2HEX Extreme Sport Shoes Manufacturer team, finish the development of your shoes.
  3. Decide on the final number of sport shoe styles, color ways, and sizes. And send this information together with the final shoe design to 2HEX.
  4. Provide the necessary deposit or payment.
  5. Review and approve a sample of the sport shoe to ensure it meets the desired specifications.
  6. Confirm the final design and receive a production schedule from 2HEX’ shoe manufacturing team.
  7. Monitor production progress and communicate with 2HEX shoe manufacturing team as needed.
  8. Receive the completed extreme sport shoes order and start selling!

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Sport Shoes Production Lead Time:

Here is a breakdown of the current production lead time of extreme sport shoes:

2 days: Roughly planning your shoe production
4 days: To receive your down-payment
3 days: To finalize your shoe specifications
1 week: Waiting for your down-payment to fix the order. Eventually meanwhile shipping of your samples to 2HEX shoe factory in China, from which you want us to copy the material / shape / or technology.
3 weeks: sample production
1 week: shipping of your extreme sport shoes production sample to you
1 week: your team rider testing your extreme sport shoes production sample
2 days: Confirmation and making final production plans for your custom extreme sport shoes.
6 weeks: Shoe production
1 week: Delivery of a few mass-production samples
4 days: Waiting for your balance payment to arrive.

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Sport Shoes Delivery from 2HEX X-Sport Shoes Factory:

You can order custom shoe boxes from 2HEX X-Sport Shoes Factory© for your custom sport shoes. Your custom shoe boxes will be made following your design, color and print. 2HEX sport shoe factory team can help you in the shoe box design process after your order has been confirmed and your down-payment has been received.

If you need the cheapest sport shoe production possible and you do not order any custom packaging, your shoes will be stuffed with paper to keep their shape and packed in plastic bags.

The shoe boxes or unboxed shoes in plastic bags will then be packed in cartons. These cartons will receive shipping marks, so that the shipping company still knows that these are your shoes, even if one carton falls of a trolley or out of a container.

We either pass the shoes to your shipping agent, or if preferred by your company we offer you a price for having the shipping arranged by 2HEX sport shoes factory!

Ocean freight from China to USA or Europe, door to door, usually takes between 6 to 7 weeks. Airfreight only takes 10 days but is approximately 10X the price.

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