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2HEX Street Football Shoes Factory

Welcome to 2HEX Street Football Shoe Factory, a world of premier, high-performance footwear designed for the grit and grind of extreme sports. We are a distinguished street football shoe manufacturer, focusing on crafting footwear that not only withstands, but excels in the toughest conditions of specialized extreme sports.

We don't just make street football shoes - we engineer experiences. Recognizing the unique requirements of extreme sports athletes, our shoes are meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled durability, optimal control, and superior comfort, contributing to enhanced performance and safety.

Quality and specialization are the cornerstones of our philosophy. In contrast to low-cost options that might compromise on performance, our products represent an investment in athletes’ sporting journeys. Every stitch, seam, and sole is optimized to serve athletes’ sporting needs, providing exceptional value in the long run.

Our street football shoes are more than mere footwear - they are robust companions built to withstand the harshest environments, resist wear and tear, and provide unwavering support to athletes, thereby turning challenges into victories.

We understand that every sport has unique demands and every athlete has unique needs. Hence, our shoes are designed with an intimate understanding of street football, integrating advanced materials, innovative design, and rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Join us in our commitment to exceptional footwear, and experience the difference a truly specialized street football shoe can make. Investing in our shoes is not just about owning a pair of durable footwear; it's about empowering your performance, safeguarding your passion, and embracing the thrill of extreme sports with confidence and style.

What sets the Street Football Shoes from 2HEX Shoe Factory apart?

2HEX’ street football shoes, perfectly meet the requirements of athletes engaging in the urban, freestyle, and demanding sport of street soccer because of our focus on key characteristics:

  1. Durability: Street football shoes are engineered to withstand rough surfaces like asphalt or concrete, unlike regular sports shoes which are generally designed for softer surfaces such as grass or indoor courts. They typically have reinforced stitching and high-wear materials for enhanced durability.
  2. Outsole Construction: The outsoles of street football shoes are made to provide excellent traction on street surfaces. They're generally flat and are made of hard rubber with multidirectional patterns for optimal grip and control.
  3. Ball Control Features: Some street football shoes incorporate design features to enhance ball control and touch, such as textured uppers. This is particularly important in the fast-paced, skill-centric game of street soccer.
  4. Fit and Comfort: Street football shoes are designed with a snug fit to provide better feel and control of the ball. They also offer adequate cushioning to protect the foot from impact on hard surface
  5. Style: Street football shoes often have a stylish, street-ready aesthetic that distinguishes them from more traditional sports shoes. They are designed to transition seamlessly from the game to everyday urban wear.
  6. Flexibility: Street surfaces demand quick changes in direction and speed. Hence, street football shoes are designed to be flexible, allowing the foot to move naturally, while still providing the necessary support.

Street Soccer Shoe Construction Materials

Street soccer shoes demand materials that deliver a mix of toughness, backbone, and agility to live up to the game's gritty nature. We're about to delve into the guts of the common materials used in producing these brawny boots, examining the upper, insole, and outsole components.

Street Soccer Boots Manufacturer - Upper:

1) Synthetic Leather:

  1. a) Advantages: Synthetic leather is the most common material for street soccer uppers due to its durability, flexibility, and ability to maintain its shape under heavy wear.
  2. b) Drawbacks: Less breathable than other materials and may require a break-in period to achieve optimal comfort.

2) Natural Leather:

  1. a) Advantages: Offers superior comfort, excellent fit, and a good touch on the ball. It's often considered premium and is used in top-tier shoes.
  2. b) Drawbacks: Tends to be more expensive, requires more care, and can overstretch over time.

3) Mesh:

  1. a) Advantages: Lightweight and breathable, mesh can help keep players' feet cool during intense games.
  2. b) Drawbacks: Not as durable as synthetic or natural leather, mesh may wear out more quickly when exposed to rough surfaces.

Street Soccer Shoes Manufacturer - Insole:

1) EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate):

  1. a) Advantages: EVA insoles are a popular choice due to their lightness, flexibility, and good cushioning. These properties help absorb the impact of playing on hard surfaces.
  2. b) Drawbacks: Can compress over time, which may result in reduced cushioning and support.

2) PU (Polyurethane):

  1. a) Advantages: Offers greater durability and support than EVA. This robust material can withstand the impact and pressure from intense play.
  2. b) Drawbacks: Tends to be heavier and less breathable than EVA insoles.

Street Soccer Shoe Manufacturer - Outsole:

1) Rubber:

  1. a) Advantages: Provides excellent traction, flexibility, and durability, rubber is a typical material for street soccer shoe outsoles.
  2. b) Drawbacks: Certain rubber compounds may wear down faster on hard, rough surfaces.

2) Non-Marking Rubber (For ballers who also tear it up on the indoor pitch):

  1. a) Advantages: Doesn't leave marks on indoor surfaces, making it a popular choice for indoor street soccer shoes.
  2. b) Drawbacks: May not offer the same level of durability or traction on outdoor surfaces.

By getting the lowdown on these materials' strengths and weaknesses, street soccer shoe craftsmen can construct footwear that rises to the tough challenges of street soccer players, promising standout performance and unyielding durability.

Street Football Shoe Factory Production Prices

Key drivers determining the cost of a street football shoe production are:

  1. Football Shoe Materials: The cost of raw materials such as leather, textile, rubber, or synthetic materials constitutes a significant part of the production cost. The quality and type of materials used can significantly influence the final price of the shoes.
  2. Street Football Shoe Manufacturing Process: The complexity of the street football shoe design can affect the manufacturing process. More intricate designs require additional steps or more skilled labor, which can increase production costs.
  3. Street Football Shoes Quantity: The volume of street football shoes being produced also impacts the cost. Larger quantities result in lower per-unit costs due to economies of scale.
  4. Street Football Shoes Styles: Producing a variety of street football shoe styles and colors impact the production cost. Each different style might require unique molds, different materials, and possibly separate assembly lines or processes. The more styles you produce, the more complex and potentially costly the production process becomes.
  5. Street Football Shoes Sizes: Offering a wide range of sizes increases the complexity of the production process, potentially requiring additional molds and assembly adjustments
  6. Street Football Shoes Packaging: The type of packaging used, whether basic or premium, contributes to the total cost. Custom packaging or branding elements can add to this cost.

The production costs for a pair of street football shoes can fall anywhere between $12 to $29 per pair. The final price is largely influenced by the total order volume and the specific details of the shoe design.

As an initial investment, it's important to be prepared with at least $20,000. Here at 2HEX street football shoes factory, we're geared towards larger-scale production, focusing our expertise on substantial orders that bring the best value to our customers.

Suppose you're aiming to start small, targeting the most essential requirements for professionalgrade street football shoes. You're looking at an order of a minimum of 1,000 pairs, split between two sizes. Each pair would have the fundamentals for hardcore gameplay: a simple yet breathable synthetic upper, a durable yet light weight rubber outsole, and an ergonomic shape for optimum fit. For this sort of order, the cost per pair would come down to $16. However, as your order quantity increases, say to 10,000 pairs, the cost per pair can reduce to $12. These economies of scale are part and parcel of shoe production logistics.

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