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2HEX Stand Up Paddle Board Manufacturer - The Market

2HEX’ Stand Up Paddle Boards, often referred to as “2HEX SUP Boards”, weigh on average 10KG, and have an average length of 3.20 meters.

Most Popular SUP Board Manufacturer Styles and Specifications

  • Epoxy SUP Board Manufacturer

    The most professional SUP board is the “Epoxy SUP Board”.
    • B to C Market Price: Epoxy SUP Boards are sold in sport shops for USD 800 to USD 2000.
    • Material: Epoxy SUP Boards are made from shaped foam inside a fiberglass shell.
    • Handling: Epoxy SUP Boards are the fastest with the least amount of friction. Epoxy SUP Boards offer more precise handling but cannot be deflated and rolled up like inflatable SUP Boards. This makes Epoxy SUP boards difficult to transport and expensive to ship.

  • Inflatable SUP Board Manufacturer

    Inflatable SUP Boards are the most common stand up paddle boards in the market.
    • B to C Market Price: A high-quality Inflatable SUP Board usually costs consumers around USD 900. The cheapest inflatable SUP Boards are sold on Amazon and Walmart starting from USD 270. Specialty models bought by experienced riders go up to or surpass a USD 1800 price tag.
    • Material: Inflatable SUP Boards are made from PVC Plastic. This PVC material is thicker but comparable to inflatable boats or air mattresses.
    • Handling: Inflatable SUP Boards are good all-rounders. They have a good speed and are easy to handle. The biggest benefit of inflatable SUP boards is that they can be deflated, rolled up, and packed in a duffel bag.

Soft Top SUP Boards are low in both price and quality. The low quality has made this board appear less over the last years.

  • B to C Market Price: Soft Top SUP Boards can be bought in shops for as low as USD 400.
  • Material: Soft Top SUP Boards are made from one molded piece of polystyrene foam with a rubbery foam surface. This construction makes it more durable than inflatable SUP boards.
  • Handling: Soft Top SUP Boards have a strong drag, are harder to maneuver, and cannot be deflated

  • Molded Plastic SUP Board Manufacturer

    Molded plastic SUP Boards are seldomly seen in shops. They have a low price, are very durable, but also heavy, slow and hard to handle.
    • B to C Market Price: Molded plastic SUPs can be bought in shops starting from USD 400.
    • Material: Molded plastic SUP Boards are made from a single plastic shell.
    • Handling: Molded plastic SUPs are very heavy, cannot be deflated, hard to maneuver and have a lot of drag. In only few cases does their high durability make up for the compromised ride experience.

Most Popular Stand-Up Paddle Board Brands

Unlike other board sports, the Stand-Up Paddle Board market does not have clear market leaders. The market is still young and not fully developed. Instead of specialized SUP Board brands, it is camping or water sports companies currently dominating the market.

Stand-Up Paddle Board Production Prices

A high-quality stand-up paddle board usually costs around 220 USD to 260 USD to make. Inflatable stand-up paddle boards are produced between the prices of USD 90 and USD 650 based on the material, size, customization and production quality.
The lowest quality epoxy and wood stand-up paddle boards start at USD 160. A high-quality epoxy and wood stand-up paddle board usually costs around USD 450 to USD 550 in the production.
Plastic and soft top stand-up paddle boards can be manufactured starting from 90 USD but are usually not offered because Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards can be manufactured at the same price but have a higher quality.

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