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Can you open a successful company? 

Statistically it is unlikely that you can found a successful business, no less a skateboard business. From 2000 persons planning on founding a skateboard business, 100 actually go ahead and arrange their first production. Of these, only 30 sell all goods and arrange a second production. Of those 30, only 5 can make a living from their business and only one can sell enough to hire employees and grow their skateboard company. 


Why do so many skateboard businesses fail? 

Skateboard company founders often forget that it is not enough that they themselves can skate well. They believe great skateboard designs can create a “pull business”, a company that gets called from skateshops and merely has to fulfill incoming orders. Skateboard companies however are “push businesses”. No matter how good the designs or quality, skateboard company founders have to call skateshops every day to sell their products. 


Is it difficult to build a successful skateboard company? 

Founding a successful skateboard business is not easy, nor is it very difficult. However it does require high discipline, strong organizational skills and a lot of energy. Key characteristics you must be willing to accept are:

  1. Most of your time must be spent on calling clients and selling your goods. 
  2. The second most important task is finding the right people to share the work of design, marketing and purchasing. If you try to learn all skills by yourself, you will spend years learning instead of growing your business. Also, you will learn faster by hiring and watching people that already have the required skills. 


So, Can you found a successful skateboard company? 

Yes, if you are ok with embracing the mentioned tasks, you can found a successful skateboard company. 


What happens if you fail? 

There is no failure. Founding your own company makes you more self-confident in business settings, it gives you an insight into all fields of work within a company, and it lets you learn how to lead people. All these points make you highly valuable to employers, or prone to found a successful venture in the future. 


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