Skateboard Truck Productions Guide

Posted by : Niklas V / On : 12.12.2021


An in-depth guide on skateboard truck productions, to better plan your own truck company.


Trucks have high profit-margins. Twice the margin of decks. But planning a truck production is not as simple as planning a deck production. To really create a new truck-brand it is best to create a new truck shape and select components, that meet your riders’ requirements.


This is not easy, nor is it self-explaining.


The best way to get started is by learning step by step how trucks are made. Therefor I made this video, in which I show you the truck production process:



How forged skateboard trucks are made:

1. A melting pot is used to heat up aluminum bars to 670'C or 1200'F. The aluminum is mixed with multiple chemicals to create a material that is neither brittle nor bendable.

2. An axle is placed into a truck mould made from steel, before the mould is closed.

3. A ladle of 400ml molten aluminum is taken from the melting pot and poured through a hole into the mould.

4. A ram pushes into that same hole, to squeeze out any air bubbles, and to push the aluminum into all corners of the mould. This process is called forging.

5. After 5 seconds the mould opens. Two hangers and two baseplates can be taken out. 

6. Next, the hangers and baseplates are sanded and polished.

7. After sanding and polishing, the hangers and baseplates are assembled with all other components that are part of a skateboard truck, including washers, nuts, a kingpin, and bushings. Now the trucks are finished and ready to be skated!



In the next video I explain different skateboard truck production techniques with each technique’s benefits and down-sides:




Now it is your turn to design a new truck and see the cost of running your company’s own truck production!


The 2HEX skateboard truck configurator lets you see what your skateboard trucks would look like, and it calculates the production price based on your design and quantity!

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Enjoy planning your truck production! And I look forward to seeing an amazing new truck brand hit the market!


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