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Configure your company’s custom skateboard trucks to perfectly fit your brand’s target market in quality, specifications and style!

2HEX is a global skateboard truck manufacturer with production facilities in both the south and east of China. These facilities include truck moulding, forging, polishing, dying, printing, assembly and packing. In combination these facilities make up the most professional skateboard truck supply chain to date.

Skateboard Truck Manufacturer Skateboard Truck Factory

At the 2HEX skateboard truck factory, all trucks are forged from an aluminum alloy which is very light, strong and stiff. Forging is the leading skateboard truck manufacturing process. The aluminum alloy is injected in between two skateboard truck moulds. The truck moulds are then pressed together under a weight higher than that of an elephant to make sure that all air is squeezed out. This process of forging the trucks eliminates all air resulting in a high density and a very durable skateboard truck.

We manufacture a variety of skateboard truck shapes and sizes. All skateboard trucks come with either a full or hollow axle and kingpin. Both the axle and kingpin are made from steel, or the lighter and stronger titanium-steel.

Minimum Quantity of Skateboard Trucks:
The smallest possible order quantity is 600 skateboard trucks (or 300 sets of skateboard trucks).

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